Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogging Again!!

So much has happened sense I last blogged gees kyler wasnt even born then. Kyler is turning two on Oct. 21st he is in love with toy story, its so cute he always wants to watch "WoodyBuzz" as he says. Arie is 3 and a half and is in preschool and a dance class which she loves, today she got a extra treat for listening so good!:) She is in love with horses and princesses, she wants to be a rodeo princess. This summer has been pretty busy for us with this year being our first summer in our new house, which we love by the way, we have been working outside alot trying to get the grass growing and stuff sense no one lived in it for a couple years. We are excited to go on vactaion in 10 days to Las Vegas!! We are also going to Knotts Berry Farms in california, we cant wait to go and get to spend some alone time with each other, and visit levi's cousins, This is kinda our Anniversary present to ourselves, Sept. 29th marked 4 years. We will return on the 19th, just in time for Kylers birthday the 21st and Birthday party the 22nd.

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tod_emily said...

Geeze Hill, it's been since 2009 since you blogged! Way to update! Cute pictures, and I'm jealous of your vacation! Have a good time. :)